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's my favorite part of the trip. >> welcome to "11 news sunday mo raiin6 c13 j" oup n lisa ronedng upon. >> and i'm deborah weiner in for kate ecoargi sterrst let's go toormohn colli >> the sun is coming out comnedned with a ligsth breof t wa ther than yesterday. yesterday was a little cool with that win na whe rll be 10 d mdrees warmer during the day today. whe rre alreaot warming urog what's hauuong to bring in the warm air is a cold front to the wefment ahead of that front -- to the west ahead of that front. that explains the warm-ps. you can see around memphis and chicago, we have rain. on milwaukee and green snt. that system is coming in tonight and tomorrow. the nice sunctip we will ht,e today will last one day. detamls on the forecast coming urog >> thanks, john. >> it's the miracle on664t"1 ƃfooseet. haat:den flipped the switch. it's a decades-old tradition, but this year a warr tng on thoe going to see that not to fall victim to a scaho arghtdacey tells us about it. >> and 34th street is ablaze again with holr eay ligsths for the 2 ch9 hecoyouren christmas street display. >> i
into a fire hydrant and a treen front of his home. let's bring in our panel to weigh in all things tiger. lisa greene is a legal analyst, mark lamont hill at columbia university, marvet bruno is a public relations expert here in new york. good morning. okay. lisa first. a legal perspective, does tiger have to talk to the cops? >> no. and people are losing sight of this. this is a traffic accident investigation. the florida highway patrol has said that tiger's under no obligation to disclose information. all he was required to do is show that he's a licensed driver and registered. it's interesting and a decision has to be made by tiger and his team it looks like they plan to go forward today too talk about the investigation. we should remember what the highway patrol is investigating here is an accident. to the extent there are rumors, speculation, that is beyond their purr view and they tried to make that clear over the past couple of days. >> i found a couple of tweets. barkley will be happy. however, were you or i in this traffic accident wouldn't we feel compelled to and wouldn't we talk to
captioning institute, inc. ---www.ncicap.org--- >> i'm lisa robinson. >> i'm deborah weiner. >> first let's go to john collins with the weather. >> i had to escape the window this morning. there is a bit of a chill in the morning this morning. temperatures are right around freezing. upper 20's. but other than the chill, and that's, you know, kind of seasonal relief, you can expect that this time of year, it is beautiful outside. the wind has gone away. a little storm to us. i don't want to call it a storm, but the weather disturbance is rain and snow out in the midwest. rain and snow in the valley is coming into the valley. up north of that, wisconsin and minnesota, some snow. we'll talk about the forecast and how all of that out there treats us here eventually coming up. >> a baltimore tradition came alive last night. it is the miracle on 34th street. hamden flipped the switch on holiday street lights. >> this year a warning for those going to see the display. do not fall victim to a scam. kim dacey splains. -- explains. >> 34th street is aballets again. -- is ablaze again. i like them.
canes for the first time all year. sportsnite is next. michael jenkins, lisa hillary standing by in the studio. hello, hockey fans. very interesting game this evening in montreal. unfortunately the capitals end up on the short end of the score. >> you've joined geico sportsnite that is lisa hillary, i'm michael jenkins. the hockey highlights in a moment. but first we keep this thing going. basketball. oh, it's a good dog. a good doggy. hot and cold, gordon town hosting lafayette this afternoon at verizon hoyas reflecting their muscles early. georgetown a 14 point lead. check it out. hoyas continue to pour it on. jason clark with the steal to monroe on the break and the lead is now 21. for georgetown, clark takes the pass and looks for the long three pointer. that is good. he had a career 19 points on the day. georgetown improves to 4-0 and six players to hit double figures for the first time in the coach's six years at the helm. >> and look who it is. president barack obama and family supporting coach craig robinson, his oregon state beavers were in town visiting george washin
in her life, that is until the tea party express rolled into town. party express rolled into town. lisa goes on the where's tommy? i thought he was with you. no. jack! (playing twinkle, twinkle, little star.) don't stop! keep playing! here we go. here's the fun part! >> gregg: this is a fox news alert. brand-new details on the police shooting in washington. live, it from the scene amount gunman burst into a coffee shop opening fire on four police officers killing three men and one woman. they believe they were targeted calling the shooting more of an execution. the officers in uniform with marked patrol cars. they say all the officers are from the lakewood police department and were working when they were gunned down and there is a massive policeman hunt for the ruthless killer. we have additional live pictures. police have been accepting for the suspects who got away on foot. the man described as scruffy looking in his 20s and 30s wearing blue jeans and a black coat. they are not ruling out a second suspect. we'll bring you updates as they come in. now, we return to, on the record i'm
. lisa croslin told wofl -- >> i think my daughter's holding something back. i think they both are holding something back. that's just in my heart. i'm going to tell her i love her and if you know anything at all, please tell me. i mean, we can work through it. i'll be right there by your side. we'll get through it. just please tell me whatever you're holding back. >> the shocking development occurring less than 24 hours after misty croslin's father said that misty may have left home the night haleigh went missing. >> she was a 16-year-old child whose job was to look after somebody else's two young children. and i can only imagine that this girl would want to get out and have some fun of some kind. i think this scenario is very consistent with what could have happened. >> ronald, has the theory that misty left the home sometime during the night been disproved? >> i'm not sure. i believe that it has, nancy. i'm also 100% sure, but i wouldn't say that, and lie to you. >> investigators continue to scour for clues, looking through 160 taped interviews trying to find any new informa
in the past year. merhige is accused of fatally shooting his twin sister, carla merhige and lisa knight. authorities say lisa was pregnant. he allegedly killed two other relatives whose elderly aunt and his 6-year-old cousin. according to the father, she was executed in her sleep after she had gone to bed. she played piano and sang for her family members earlier in evening. police say merhige injured two others in the violent outburst inside the home. investigators wrapped up the the work at the crime scene. this is the parents of the girl murdered. they continued to talk to members who survived the shoot-out to piece together what happened this night. the local tv news camera man and father of the 6-year-old. he and his wife were unharmed in the shooting but carry the grief of losing their baby girl. >> i got up, i was going to take a shower. i can smell my baby in my shirt. i thought if i take a shower, it's gone, forever. never smell her again. >> investigators believe that paul merhige was driving a blue four-door, 2007 toyota camry. the car has florida tags w-4-27jt. the car has a
members, his 6-year-old cousin seen here, his twin sisters carla and lisa. we're told she was pregnant. and the 76-year-old auaunt. two others were wounded. it happened in jupiter, a south florida townhome to celebrities like michael jordan and burt reynolds. police tell us is suspect may turn up in mission where they say he -- michigan where he had some contact and there is word that he had a lurid family history. according to reports in 1973, one of his aunts murdered her ex-husband and two children. then days later died of a fatal drug overdose. to california now where folks got so fed up with the crime in their neighborhood, they took things in their own hands. patrolling the streets in the nighttime hours, armed with the flashlights and pepper spray and the local police say it made the difference. casey stegall is live in los angeles with more on how one neighborhood fought back. >> it's safe to say the recession has taken everything to a new level. budget shortfalls all around the country have forced many police departments to take drastic action. taking officers off the street,
-year-old cousin, his twin sisters carla marie and lisa knight who we are told was pregnant and a 76-year-old aunt. two others were also wounded. police say the suspect may turn up in michigan where they say he has some sort of contact. now, to calls on capitol hill to investigate the white house party crashers fast becoming celebrities. they are all over the news. part of the mystery of what happened that night is sold now that we know how close the northern virginia couple got to president obama. now, to figure out how did they get there. joining us by phone is a ranking member of the homeland security committee, congressman peter king who is calling for a full investigation of how this breach of security was allowed to happen. welcome. thank you for being with me this evening. >> great to be with you, kimberly, thank you very much. >> many people are scratching their head and think this is outrageous this this couple are able to go in there, breach security and get up close and personal. you see the photos. i mean that tells it all. what happened? >> kimberly, i can't figure out what happened.
and w their eldly aunt -- elderly aunt. lisa night was pregnant. the 6-year-old daughter was gunned down while sleeping in the bed. the talented and adored child play played piano before turning in. she was scheduled to perform in nutcracker performance the next day. her parents are devastated. >> i was going to take a shower and i can smell my baby my shirt. if i take a shower it's gone forever. i'll never smell her again. >> investigators believe that paul merhige was driving a blue four-door 2007 toyota cam camry. it has a tag -- w427jt. it has spoiler on the back to make it unique. they're working with the jump-starter police department 24 hours a day on the case and using every resource to find him. if you have information on paul merhige's whereabouts, you're urged to call this number here. 561-746-6201. we will continue to bring you updates throughout the day on the case. >> shannon: thank you for the latest. dairy farmers in maine are taking matters in their own hands to save their businesses. milkers and farm hands are getting and keeping valuable jobs. fox's molly line explains
professor lisa croom, a yale law school professor, and the president and ceo of the national urban league. give our panelists in advance a round of applause. [applause] and let me just take a moment to introduce members of the congressional black caucus, my colleagues who are here today with us, who were very instrumental in shaping and crafting this evening's program. first of all, let me recognize congresswoman maxine waters, who serves as chair of the housing community opportunities subcommittee, leading the fight for economic justice and security in our country. next, i would like to introduce congressman donald payne from the great state of new jersey, chair of the africa and global health subcommittee and the labor committee, are african scholar in congress. next, i like to introduce and recognize congresswoman dr. donna christiansen from the virgin islands. who has led the health care reform debate and a big way and make sure that the health care bill included are provisions for health equity and justice for ethnic minorities. thank you again, donna, and for underserved communities
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)